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Pleated Blinds


Pleated Blinds​ Style

Our collection of beautiful pleated blinds features. Stylish and elegant, each blind can be raised to a neat stack to give you a wonderful view of the outside. When closed, the blind shades your home and allows softly filtered light to drift through while the special, honeycomb pockets on the blind block out the sun and effectively insulate your home.

Available in a range of contemporary, neutral colours, each blind raises and lowers easily and is completely safe and child friendly as well as looking smart and sophisticated at all times.

Pleated blinds are ideal for people who are looking for single-layer window coverings that consist of texture. If you’re not a fan of horizontal or roller blinds, then pleated shades will be a perfect choice. The material used in pleated blinds gives you privacy control and folds very neatly at the top of the window without taking up much space.

The unique versatility and structure of these blinds allows you to have total control. Most manufacturers offer window coverings that feature multiple control settings just like the expensive models.

At the Top

Pleated blinds have a number of advantages that make them an excellent choice for apartments and houses. These blinds are not just unique and easy to use, they also contain an aluminium coating that repels heat and keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making them ideal for south-facing conservatories.


Your drapes hang more beautifully with the body and substance that liners provide. Choose from a variety of lining options to protect fabric from outside elements, regulate the light, and insulate your windows.